Why mission is more important than goals...
In business we use objectives and key results, in life we talk of mission and goals, they are essentially the same thing.
Everyone I work with is always asked the same question, what do you want to achieve? That is creating a mission / objective.
A common response could be "I want to achieve financial stability within 12 months". That is specific on the timeframe though vague on the objective. So we dig deeper, financial stability means an income of $120,000 pa for that person. That allows them to buy a home, save for a college fund for their kids, take a course so that they can start a business. It could be anything.
The response is I want X so that I can do why, you can do deeper why is Y so important to you?
The goals are what keep you aligned to that mission and everything you do has to be congruent with that mission, no distractions.
Goals then come into play which allow that mission / objective to be met.
They also need to be specific. It could be taking a new job to earn that money, paying down debt, ending / beginning relationships. Taking free courses first.
The mission is the overarching theme which everything else follows.
What is your 12 month mission and what goals have you set / accomplished in getting there?
Ed Andrew
Why mission is more important than goals...
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