Being 'stuck' is a reflection of a state of mind rather than an unsolvable problem...

When I hear someone say I am 'stuck', it could be in a relationship, a business decision, what career, passion or purpose to pursue or may something more simple, it just means that the system they are applying to solve the problem is not working.

Often this is as a result of a binary mindset - "I need to decide between X or Y".

Being stuck is an expression of the inability to explore another solution by applying the same system that may have worked before though no longer works today, or just not having a system to apply at all.

So what happens is your mind takes over and churns through the same process over and over again, hence 'being stuck'.

The solution - stop, slow down, engage creative thinking, opening the mind and heart to other opportunities. Asking deeper questions, what am I trying to solve, what is the result I desire the most, what information do I have already. Do I have any conditioned bias?

The mind will trick and manipulate the heart every second of the day, every day of the week - if you allow it.

So now we need to feel into the answer, allow intuition to arise, then reflect and observe. Don't force the outcome, it will arrive when you are calm and open to exploring. You will need more information.

The other part is the state of harmony - the mood states - that exists when trying to solve the problem.

An extreme or false high or a low mood state will impact the decision making and the ability to make any decision, certainly a wise informed one.

Hence again why we need to slow down, be able to observe, feel and reflect opening our channel to infinite creativity. Meditate and breathe.

(yes there are other steps though binary thought is the main killer of creativity and problem solving)

Thoughts, how do you get unstuck?



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