Accountability is the first gateway to transformation, what is the second?

I am curious what do you think is the second key you have to find to unlock change.

I was having this discussion this week about someone who cannot move past step 1 as much as they really want to.

Do you even think that change is sequential?

There are certainly hoops we have to jump through to evolve, let go and create a different journey, to find that personal freedom we all crave as humans.

Here are a few options:

  1. Changing Your Environment - physical, spiritual, emotional
  2. Curiosity - the willingness to explore
  3. Letting Go of fear, limiting beliefs, patterns
  4. Slowing Down includes meditation / breathwork
  5. Accepting only we can change ourselves.

These are all parts of the process and there are many more. One of them is more foundational.

Thoughts? (and I will explain it later)



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