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  • Found yourself needing to lose a couple pounds, or more drastically needing to reverse a lifestyle disease like type 2 diabetes, obesity or high blood pressure❓
  • Want to do something about it but not with the latest fad diet or cleanse❓
  • Want something sustainable and long lasting that covers more than just weight loss but overall wellness too❓
I'm Elisa 👋 I'm a mom and grandma in my late 40's and I was overweight with a long list of health issues. I've reversed that and helped hundreds of people lose hundreds of pounds and A1c drops, blood pressure drops, and weight drops - all with simple changes.
Trust me It feels so good to feel good 🤩!
✅ Inside this group you will get instant access to my 'secret' 🤫 21-day challenge where you’ll learn what it takes to lose 30 pounds in 90 days ($1490 value) and the lifestyle habits that will help you regain your confidence to look, feel and perform your best.
(Join for FREE now, price will go up to $49/m soon)
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The Best Me Community
Moms and Grandmas improving our health and losing weight with the 12 essential lifestyle habits so we can look, feel, and perform our best.
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