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The 1% Difference Membership is a paid community for entrepreneurs who are ready to make a TON of money in their business + operate at their highest level to become the 1% by following proven to convert content + sales strategies and the 1% Difference Formula.
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šŸ’« The 1% Membership Portal with HOURS of courses, masterclasses, prompts, and resources to help you grow your business. Sold on their own, these courses are worth over $5,500. ($5,500+ value)
šŸ’« A private Q&A call for community only ($397 monthly value)
šŸ’« A community of likeminded people to network with, receive feedback from, + encourage each other to win (Priceless)
šŸ’« Behind the scenes access showing you what it really takes to develop the skills necessary to grow a massive business (Priceless)
šŸ’« NOT just the how-tos, but the WHO I needed to be to make $500,000 in my first full calendar year in my business (Priceless)
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The 1% Membership
The 1% Difference Membership
For entrepreneurs who want to learn the sales, content, and mindset skills to make a f*ck ton of money & become the 1%
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