How to get better candidates faster.
To improve your hiring process and get better, faster results, ask each applicant how they found out about the position.
It sounds basic but it’s oh so powerful!
As a business owner, how many times have you stopped doing something that was working because you simply got busy and forgot about it?
And you knew that if you kept doing stuff that was working to get you results, you'd keep getting more and better results right?
So, find out how candidates are finding you and focus more time, money and effort on that recruiting channel.
WARNING: sometimes you have to dig deep on this one. Most candidates will be lazy and say something like “Indeed”. When in reality it was a friend who told them about the job and they went to Indeed to apply.
Or they saw the job on Facebook and then went to Indeed to apply.
Let’s take the two examples from above. What would happen if you took the candidate at their word and started shoveling $5k - $6k per month into Indeed?
You’d end up with very few decent candidates and a very expensive lesson.
Bottom line…
…find out what's working...
...and do more of that.
Then set up SOP’s and accountability systems to make sure you and your team don’t forget.
I know this process works because this is exactly how I built Technician Find over the last 6 years.
This process will work for you too.
Chris Lawson
How to get better candidates faster.
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