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This Community For Those Who:
  • Want to BUILD AND LAUNCH startups 10x faster with NoCode
  • Want to Scale AND Automate Business with AI
  • Want to network with business owners who ACTUALLY did it
Feel Like it's About You?
I became addicted to using AI and NoCode to build & automate businesses.
I Use It For:
  • Building products faster & better
  • Doing manual things 10x faster
  • Sending 100x more personalised cold messages
  • Writing 10x more content
  • Generating & testing ideas
  • Research information 10x faster
and so much more…
I Built 20+ Products in 4 Years & Grew Them To 1 MILLION Users to LEARN how to do that.
The Crazy Part is that This Community is FREE (for now)
You Get Advice From People Who Solved The Problem You Are Facing and Probably Used AI or NoCode to Solve it 100x Faster.
How it Works:
  • Step 1: Apply to get into the community
  • Step 2: You read what others did & how they did it
  • Step 3: Describe your problem/question
  • Step 4: Implement based on the responses
  • Step 5: Repeat.
See you inside.
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AI + NoCode | Mind Explorers
Business formula in 2024: Build with NoCode and automate with AI.
Community with skills & knowledge you need in 2024 to become the TOP 1%.
See you.
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