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This is a private group for coaches who GENUINELY CARE about getting their clients results want to GROW THEIR BUSINESS.
In this group we have:
βœ… Weekly Group Masterminds 🧠
βœ… Courses πŸ€“
βœ… Networking πŸ‘₯
Here are a few of the modules in the course:
πŸ”¨ How to Craft Your Offer
🧾 Creating a Sales Presentation That Sells
πŸ’Ό Make Your Coaching Business Seem Professional
πŸ“ˆ Increase Your Show Rate
πŸ’° What to Charge for Your Program
I ran the operations for a $10M/year sales coaching business and now help coaches build and scale their coaching programs.
Everything that I've learned from this I am giving away for free in this group.
Looking forward to meeting you and having you inside our community.
- Chris
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Coaching Mastermind
Community and resources for coaching that want to grow their business.
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