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Feeling overwhelmed as the mom of a Type 1 diabetic child? Consumed by worry and feeling isolated in your struggles? You're not alone—I've been there too. I am a pediatrician and mom of a daughter with Type 1 diabetes.
CIRCLE is a haven for mothers of T1D children. The universal symbol of diabetes—the blue circle—stands for our community of hope, understanding, and strength.
In CIRCLE, we navigate the challenges of parenting a child with T1D together, overcoming fear. Our unique platform features learning modules, filled with informative videos and actionable worksheets, designed to enrich your life and that of your child's.
By actively participating in CIRCLE, engaging with content, and connecting with fellow moms, you'll gain invaluable insights and progress through levels that unlock new resources, further enhancing your resilience.
Share your challenges of your child's T1D with moms who understand.
Join us in CIRCLE, where you discover how to thrive, not just survive, with T1D.
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Private group
A circle of moms of children with Type 1 diabetes. We share life's lows and celebrate the highs by exchanging wisdom and building resilience.
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