Poll: New time for a Mastermind or Roundtable video chat? Weekend of 28 May 2022

REVISED TO INCLUDE A NEW OPTION FOR VOTING: For the past six weeks, several of us have been meeting on a video call regarding what we're working on and what help we'd like, with fellow synthesizers weighing in with their expertise, suggestions, and opinions. This call was originally set up as part of a six-week challenge accountability call, but it has turned into a fantastic way to learn from each other and encourage each other regardless of the pacing of our content creation.

However, the timin... See more

4pm CEST (7am California, 10am Boston, 11am Rio de Janeiro, 6pm Dubai, 7:30pm New Delhi, 9pm Jakarta, 11pm Tokyo, midnight Sydney)

7pm CEST (10am California, 1pm Boston, 2pm Rio de Janeiro, 9pm Dubai, 10:30pm New Delhi, Midnight Jakarta, 2am Tokyo, 3am Sydney)

8pm CEST (11am California, 2pm Boston, 3pm Rio de Janeiro, 10pm Dubai, 11:30pm New Delhi, 1am Jakarta, 3am Tokyo, 4am Sydney)

9pm CEST (noon California, 3pm Boston, 4pm Rio de Janeiro, 11pm Dubai, 12:30am New Delhi, 2am Jakarta, 4am Tokyo, 5am Sydney)

Midnight CEST (3pm California, 6pm Boston, 7pm Rio de Janeiro, 2am Dubai, 3:30am New Delhi, 1pm Jakarta, 7am Tokyo, 8am Sydney)

I can't make any of these times

I'd like to propose a new time (add to the comments below)

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