Free Lead Magnet VS Paid Mastermind

Hey Synthesizers.

Problem I want to solve - The world’s knowledge is disorganized, lacks curation from an Islamic perspective, unsynthesized, and is not tailored towards achieving actionable results.

Vision I want to actualize - I want Muslims to have a place where they can escape all of the noise and get the best of what is available in all areas of knowledge through the lens of Islam, and have it change their lives spiritually, physically, and monetarily.

Mission I want to pursue to actualize my vision - I want to create the leading self-development personal brand for Muslims which will funnel to my Islamic Educational Platform, which will present curated, synthesized, and action-oriented content/courses through the lens of Islam in every useful subject (entrepreneurship, spirituality, fitness/combat sports, marriage, networking, neuro-linguistic programming, etc), along with an interactive community aspect.

My current thoughts: In the long run, I want to have the biggest Islamic education platform (not just "religious" knowledge, but all knowledge curated from an Islamic perspective) which has a content and a community aspect. I thought to start by creating a mastermind (telegram groups with themed groups with weekly calls and a content portal) and charge $997/year for it.

I managed to funnel 77 people to a free telegram group where I post voice-notes and occasional CTA's and I already made three sales from it.

But, now I am thinking that the Telegram community (which is currently part of the paid mastermind) will serve as a good free lead magnet and place to build the community, and maybe I can monetize in some other way.

I also am ignorant to how educational businesses operate and monetize, along with the different types of educational models, which has me not exactly clear to the road that lies ahead of me, what I should be monetizing, what I shouldn't, etc.

Any suggestions appreciated.



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