(Claim Your Invite) 14th May Mastermind Call

Four weeks ago some members of the community started a weekly Zoom call to connect with each other, hold each other accountable, and solve each other's problems.

The main goal is to create one piece of content per week, for 6 weeks. To build the habit of creating, and grow your audience.

You can see a recording of the first call here. And a recording of the third call here. And a recording of the fourth call here.

You're still invited if you haven't shown up to previous calls!

This weeks call will follow a mastermind format inspired by Think and Grow Rich.

Here's how the call will work:

A member of the call will be randomly chosen by @Wiktor Romanowicz.

The chosen member will describe:

  1. Their current situation around synthesizing
  2. Their desired situation around synthesizing
  3. Any problems that are holding them back from reaching their desired situation.

This should take less than 3 minutes, so if you tend to ramble, it could be a good idea to come to the call prepared with a rough idea of what you're going to say.

Then the rest of the members of the call will try their best to help the chosen member solve their problem!

People can unmute themselves, offer advice, recall times they were in similar situations and what they did, provide content recommendations etc.

Ideally responses are short and concise, mindful of everyone's time.

Then after roughly 10 minutes, another hotseat member is randomly chosen.

I've personally paid a looooooot of money to attend similar mastermind calls, and have received a tonne of value from it (what's more valuable than a group of intelligent people all working on solving your most pressing problems?).

The call will go on for around 60 minutes. And even if you're not chosen, chances are people are going through similar problems to you, so it'll still be valuable. Plus teaching is the best way to learn.

I will not be attending, but @Wiktor Romanowicz does a great job of hosting.

DATE: 14th of May

TIME: 9AM CEST (1 hour earlier than previous calls)

LOCATION: Zoom/Google Meet

NOTE: Zoom/Google Meet link will be provided closer to the date. If you would like to attend, drop a 'yes' below, and when the Zoom/Google Meet link is provided you'll receive a notification, so that you don't miss the call.

Check out the Synthesizer Calendar to add this event to your calendar.


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