Accountability Call with challange squad at 10 AM CEST

As we have talked in the DMs with a few users, we can do a Zoom call talking about our problems/accomplishments in online business/content creation

I will be the host, with the permission of


The event will be hosted at 10 AM CEST on time 16th of April,

In the comments of this post, you can vote for the 2 speakers that will prepare 10 min presentation for each

is the first speaker and he will talk about vocal performance and how to develop it.

the structure of the call:

1. introduction of the members 10:00-10:15

2. Your presentations 10:15-10:40

3. Q and A 10:40-10:50

4.Choosing next week's speakers + new ideas 10:50-11:00

Feel free to add ideas for the time that you would be available

Link to a call:

10:00 AM
01:00 PM
03:00 PM
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