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As we all know, peak season is fast approaching.
We don't want another year struggling with hiring the right people, outdated societal views, managing and marketing our business, lack of pool availability, burning out, taking on a different demographic of students, impatient parents, repetitive lesson structures & most important of all feeling isolated without the support of other passionate instructors who share my vision.
With the group being less than a month old we're diving straight into the deep end with:
  • MULTIPLE guest speakers on LIVE calls
  • 4 WHOLE community exclusive courses being released
  • The affiliate program being released (so you can earn by SIMPLY SHARING the community)
  • The FIRST member interview being highlighted on the Superhero Swim social media
This isn't your average dry Facebook group. This is a vibrant community & tool built for swim instructors who dare to make waves🌊.
Will you be the next industry pioneer? Join & find out! PRICE ⬆️ SOON!
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Superhero Swim University
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