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Bonus #1
My second question is. ...Towards the end of the video about sharing other influencer's content in your platform because it's good and it may provide value for my audience. Do you send a DM to those influencers and ask them for permission to do so first. What's the proper way to do that. Thx.
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Let’s Go!!!
#Video 1 Hi, I’m Sarah Gibson, and as of last week can now say I’m a full time entrepreneur working on a hybrid business called Dizzy Doc. I help clients suffering from debilitating dizziness, neck pain, headaches and TMJ get their lives back. I’ve been a PT for 18+ years and have managed my own symptoms successfully for the past 12. I’m very passionate about this population and complex problem, and about finding a way to help clients without burning myself out in the process so I can be present with my 4 awesome kiddos that are growing up way too fast and my hubby of 21 years. I also aim to put my own health in the forefront moving forward. The pain I felt from burnout managing someone else’s clinic working 60+ hours was so great and now I just feel so free and liberated. I actually wanted to get out of bed today, on a Monday, to start working on my biz! This is saying a lot! I want to be able to create a 168 vehicle to continue to spread education about Cervicogenic dizziness so thousands of others can conquer this! I wasn’t taught much at all about money growing up, but to be careful with it and use coupons and find sales from my mom and be somewhat impulsive and it what you want from my dad. Perhaps these opposing views are what I’ve created in my marriage with me being the spender and my husband the saver. It would be nice to be able to not have to worry about money so much in the future and be able to provide the lifestyle for my children that I’ve dreamed of.
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Invent Yourself , Before You Wreck Yourself
#Video 3 I would say what stood out to me was the L. Lower my expectations of others. No one owes me anything. Even If I think my content and value is great, my ICA has to perceive the value and want it. My struggle is in the action-V (Vehicle) I have done many masterclasses on how to build a webinar or program or... but I still never did it. so may be the B (Build Confidence) I need before the V. I have believe I have something important and of value and get it down on paper.
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Mo Money, Less Time
#Video 2 Biggest Take Away- I should be living off 30%. However, I am living of of 60% bc I dont have assets. Right Now-180 3 Years-400,000 Path- masterclass, DIY program, property, consulting, affiliates
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Rozalyn-Who, What, Why
#Video 1 Hello, I am Rozalyn Moore. I have been a PT for 23 years. I am strong willed, loyal and fun person. I love jokes and funny TV. I believe in being part of the solution to keeping the earth beautiful. I have major compassion for animal and young children. I enjoy wine, chocolate and bread and cheese. If I could eat these only and be healthy, I would HAHA. I currently work as an Injury Prevention Specialist and complete remote and onsite industrial injury care and ergonomics. I am also a budding Wellness solopreneur. I want this so BIPOC women will see me and be empowered to move more, reverse chronic health issues, find their inner athlete and be joyful in their bodies. I want wealth to be able to travel, help animals and support my mother. -Who thought me about money. no one really. Maybe I could say my mother taught me how to make money a fighting point in a marriage, to spend and be financially irresponsible.
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