Module 1 Video 1 who am I.
#Video 1 HI I'm Dr. Melissa and I am a physical therapist working in the school based setting. I also own and run my own clinic on our property serving active people helping them return to their recreation and sports . My parents taught me about money and how there is never enough of it and us middle class will have to work super hard to pay taxes and live. We work until we retire and then maybe be able to live the life we want as long as we saved enough for retirement. I do not agree with this. I do believe there is more than enough money for everyone and as long as you are serving others with value, you will receive money in return. My passion is to quit my day job and just have our business to create time and financial freedom. I want to be able to walk into a grocery and not worry about whether my card will decline or not. I want to move past the mindset that I always just make enough to survive. I want to live a life of abundance and I want to create q life of abundance for my children.
Melissa Adams
Module 1 Video 1 who am I.
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