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My name is Ray Agostino and I am a physical therapist down in Fort Myers, Florida. I started my outpatient physical therapy and sports performance business in June of 2017, operating out of a couple of different gym settings until I finally moved into my own facility in September of 2021. I currently help young athletes recover from significant knee injuries and improve athletic performance so that they can get back to dominating the sports that they love. My primary niche is ACL rehabilitation for female soccer players.
The main reason that I MUST make this happen is so that I can provide for my wife, Noelle, so that she can work only if she wants to, and so that we can enjoy traveling and eating all over the world. We do not have any kids, or even pets, so I would like to take advantage of all of the time that we SHOULD have to do these things! She has always been working and supporting me, from when I was in PT school, to when I first went out on my own, all the way up until now. It is time for me to flip the script!
My first real money lesson came from a substitute teacher in high school that taught us about IRAs and other investments, but I was young and dumb and did not take any action. Other than that, most of my positive lessons about money have come from my time working with Greg. The biggest lessons have come from just watching what he does and what vehicles he uses to create generational wealth for his family using multiple businesses and various assets as vehicles. This is DEFINITELY what I want.
Unfortunately, I've had some very bad lessons about money as well. These lessons came from my parents. I grew up in a divorced household bouncing from one parent to another, never really having much stability. It was less than paycheck to paycheck, and who knows where most of it went. I can go on, but I just wanted to provide the context of what poor money habits I picked up while I was growing up. I had hoped to learn what NOT to do, but these poor habits have put me in some tough spots, even still to this day. This is DEFINITELY what I DO NOT want! #Video 1
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