Life by Design
#Video 1 Hi everyone! I am an entrepreneur (cash practice owner) with my husband, Josh. We are loving owning a cash practice but we created a JOB and now are looking into other avenues. Our practice is focused on manual therapy (counterstrain) and wellness/nutrition. We had real estate side hustle for a few years but got out of that to pay off student loans. I am from a very small town and growing up, people with $$ were "evil". They were the ones keeping everyone down and when we started making money, it was very uncomfortable to have nice things around my family... still I feel like I have to overshare about debt or how we are paying for things. We are currently working on boundaries and growing our inner circle with people who are like minded and genuinely happy for us, though most of our friends don't understand the entrepreneur mindset. Loved the money rules!! We have 2 little girls and want them growing up knowing that they can live life by design and be 100% supported and encouraged
Kristie Wright
Life by Design
SSHC Business University
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