#Video 1 I'm Samantha Schuknecht, I left my clinic director position at a manual based OP setting as a PT in January to be home with my kids and continue to scale my affiliate marketing work online.
My money story started as a kid with my parents around scarcity of money. I have been working on money mindset since summer of '22 and it's been life changing. I've started to surround myself with people that have what I want and circles where their normal exceeds my dreams.
For this program I will be focusing on creating a wellness program for people with hypermobility/EDS. I have several other things such as a mentorship program for my current work, self ergo assessment, police training, trucker program, too many to list! Once your mindset switches to a solution based model the ideas are endless.
Excited to be here!
Samantha Schuknecht
SSHC Business University
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