30/40/30 and the way there
#Video 2 This was so eye opening to me. When I started my current position, I was so excited to "make six figures" lol. I'm not making six figures! I'm making 5! What a load of horse shit!
  1. Ideal numbers:
130,000 30%
156,000 40%
130,000 30% each year
2.Desired numbers:
250,000 30%
300,000 40% (makes me a little pukie to think of giving this much to the fed, tbh)
250,000 30%
In 2 years, doubling each year #compoundinterest
3. The way there:
masterclass for students, masterclass for professors/educators
educator retreats
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Meghan Rohde
30/40/30 and the way there
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