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Gain the knowledge and skills to become a well-rounded, versed, and confident service business owner.
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🚀 Starting, running, or growing a service business.
🏡 Have a family to support with a business, even if it's a part-time side hustle.
⏳ You haven't used the word "autonomy" enough to describe your life.
💰 You want to be a job creator and community supporter through business.
Hi, I'm Charlie Harper, a service business owner like you.
I started from scratch and now run a successful business while actively serving service business owners across the United States. My journey is a testament to the effectiveness of the knowledge and skills you'll gain from this community.
I "Shawshanked the Cubicle" leaving a high-tech corporate job by transforming my side hustle into the lifestyle business it is today.
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* Weekly Live Workshops & Recordings
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Savvy Service Business
I help service business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs build sustainable and enjoyable businesses to achieve their dream lifestyles.
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