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Solo Self Protection is a community for individuals who want to live life and have fun! Who want to take proactive control over their safety.
My objective is to empower participants to recognize that their safety is their responsibility and to equip them to assertively defend their rights and personal space. My holistic approach that self-defense begins with cultivating inner peace, self-awareness, and physical conditioning.
This program and its community cultivate awareness and diverse defense techniques, from de-escalation to armed and unarmed strategies. It prepares members for numerous threatening situations, including vehicle escapes, dorm room attacks, home invasions, and various forms of assault, ensuring readiness for a wide array of emergencies.
The world we live in is a great place. However, it does have its ugly side! We want to prepare in the daylight so when the darkness rears its ugly head we are as ready as we can be.
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Solo Self Protection
Solo Self Protection: Equip yourself with vital self-defense knowledge and skills for everyday scenarios.
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