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Thank you for joining us here in the Social Web Cafe Community (also where you will find details of the Smarty LIVE Community).
Deborah has over 25 years of experience, and has won countless awards, including Podcasting... now, at your disposal, to learn from her!
Here, we have a spot to discuss the topics that Ann Smarty introduces each week, by way of..
  1. Tuesday - #SocialCafe Interactive (5p PST / 8p EST)
  2. Wednesday - Ann & April LIVE on LinkedIn
  3. Thursday - Ann via XSpace
  4. Thursday - Next Level Success RoundTable Mentoring
  5. Marketing Momentum w/Charles & Deborah replays
Easy links on the calendar!
We will also have a place where you can ask questions about digital marketing, content marketing, podcast marketing, & creative arts (like graphic design, videography, and much more!).
Invite your friends. This is free (for now)! We have some courses for you, too...
But first, the post-production videos and the podcasts! See, all sorts of fun stuff and a place to hang out with your friends, the community!
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Private group
Looking for a vast knowledge of award-winning digital marketing? Here is the opportunity to benefit from that experience & tips for YOUR endeavors!
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