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Thank you for joining us in the Social Web Cafe Community, where we will explore videography in depth!
You probably fit into one of these groups of people, and that is why you are here:
  1. You are (or are becoming) a VIDEOGRAPHER in your own right.
  2. You are a video marketer and wondering about creating your own material.
  3. You are a business person and want to cut costs on your video creation budget.
  4. You are curious.
Deborah has over 25 years of professional video and sound engineering experience and has won countless awards, including Podcasting... now, at your disposal to learn from her!
We are a new community, and the introductory rate is just that, introductory, to cover the cost of training, which you will receive as a premium member of this community. Once you join, your monthly rate will never go up as long as you are a member. Take a listen to some of our work (video) above here. And, if you have any questions, send Deborah a DM.
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Looking for award-winning videography knowledge (digital marketing experience)? Here it is, along with access to premium step-by-step HOW-TOs!
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