Small Business Konnect Digital
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$9 /month
Do you have a passion, skillset, or knowledge base, and you're ready to build a brand and monetize it online? Or maybe you have an existing small business that's yet to drive income online.
Does this sound like you? Then this community is for you! We created a supportive community for like-minded and driven individuals and business owners looking to not just survive online but thrive! This means to reach and grow a sustainable income through digital-based activities.
Let's transform what you are good at and/or interested in, into a profitable and sustainable brand that generates sustainable income for you and your family.
The goal: To monetize YOU online and create sustainable revenue from different digital channels and assets, that will not only give you your time back but multiply your time...
Learn from experts who have created multiple streams of income and have designed their perfect lifestyle by monetizing their skills and passion online.
A Community of driven individuals looking to monetize their skillset and passion online through collaboration, advice, exclusive resources, and more!
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