WE'RE HIRING - Financial/Insurance Advisors: Earn $10k-$20k/month Sales Role
Hope all is well.
This is a repost.
We're looking for Financial/Insurance Advisors who want to Earn $10k-$20k/month in a Sales Role, selling to other Advisors!
We're actively recruiting for sales people and we'd like to swing this by our community.
Thought you'd maybe interested in OR would know someone who may be interested in.
For the last 3 months at Lux Sales Consulting we've been bombarded with booked appointments from Financial and Insurance Advisors who are struggling more now than ever before to add ideal clients.
It's been an upward climb in terms of demand and we're at a bottleneck in terms of sales and we're always on the hunt for killer Sales Reps.
It's the opportunity to earn $10k-$20k/month selling to Financial & Insurance Advisors remotely over Zoom... our SLS Framework.
The opportunity includes:
  • Fully virtual, work from anywhere
  • Full-time only.
  • Commission only, uncapped.
  • $10k-$20k per month potential earnings.
If you help us recruit talent, we're happy to send $1000 as a referral fee if the referral closes a deal for us.
We also recorded a video on the opportunity you can send people there - https://hiring.luxsalesconsulting.com/
Would you know anyone who would fit the bill? If yes, please shoot their full name, email and phone number in private messages or email.
Thank you and have an amazing week ahead.
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