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Hello! Welcome to the SLS Framework Free Group run by Lux Sales Consulting.
The goal of this Skool group is to have a place where Financial & Insurance Advisors can:
  • Network and learn to master online prospecting and sales in their practice to grow to $10k/m, $20k/m, $50k/m and eventually, become their own CEO and lead their own team of Advisors.
  • Network and pair up with other A-Players.
  • Share wins and winning strategies.
In this group, we've now released some never seen before strategies that are usually client only. We're planning to have fun events, rewards and weekly accountability calls for everyone in the group.
Start by checking out these links
To kick things off, please create a post and tag it under "Welcome Post" introducing yourself.
Let us know:
  1. Your name and where you're from.
  2. Your job title and what you specialize in.
  3. What you're hoping to get out of that group.
See you around and looking forward for you to grow your practice exponentially moving forward!
A place for Financial & Insurance Advisors to grow their practice by mastering virtual prospecting and sales and networking with other A-Players.
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