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First Full Fledge Program Launch
Dear Community Members, You might be wondering why I was silent and not active in the community for past couple of weeks. Well here is the detailed answer with a big announcement. I was working with our production and research team behind the scene to create a program which is easier for the beginners but at the same time is proven and scalable to work with minimum efforts. We have finally arrived with the launch of Social Earnings Program - SEP. With this launch, we are also going for a full rebranding and starting from Now on, SingularityTribe is Clip Cash Academy. Not only that, we are also changing the platform to Whatsapp and Thinkific for more engagement and easier accessibility for users. A cherry on top, the whole program is in Urdu so its easier for you to follow and understand 🤝 Now what is Social Earnings Program? Well its a detailed blueprint for you to make money out of Social Creators Fund by tech giants which payout billions of dollars every month to their creators. The goal here is to help you make 2-3K USD per month with this program. SEP has 3 products and all of you will have full Access for FREE to all the products FOREVER as promised. SEP Course - It is a step by step high quality production course that will teach you how to make your first online dollars with creators funds. SEP Network - It is a network of all the student and members of the program with our private coach who will answer all the questions real time in a whatsapp group and keep all the students accountable in the program. One-on-One Coaching - It is a 6 months long program with a dedicated coach from SEP who will teach you on bi-weekly zoom calls and make sure that you will make the most out of the creators funds. The target here is to help you scale to 5-10K USD per month. In addition to zoom Calls, you will also have access to a private whatsapp group with your coach to help you in real time 24/7. All SingularityTribe members will have permanent access to all the 3 products of the program. Stay tuned as I will be personally reaching out to you on Whatsapp with your login details and introduction to your SEP coach. In the meantime, we will start the migration from Skool to Whatsapp and Thinkific.
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Dropshipping business success tips
Have you thought about giving dropshipping a shot? I've been in the business for the last few months, and I've consistently been making over a thousand dollars every week.
Nish selection
I am unable to find the video source of nish selection for pdf download. Kindly guide me.
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Car Sales Professional
Hello my fellow tribesman! As the title suggested, I have been the car business for over 8 years and worked at both small lots and large franchise dealerships. Have lots of hours logged as far as direct sales and how the process works. If anyone has trouble overcoming objectives or needs a sales pitch, let me know
How will you make your first 10,000$ with Singularity Tribe
Hey Guys, I have been thinking really hard about Singularity Tribe lately on how can I provide immense value to help you guys get started and make your first 10K wifi money on the internet. Trust me, it might feel a bit overwhelming but 10K is nothing. Trillions of dollars get transacted every single day on the internet. So you have alot of room to grow in future. So here we go with how I want to build Singularity Tribe into an immense value bomb: I want to provide 100 online programs to teach you business models/methods to make your first 10,000$ in less than 100 Days. This will be my core focus while building this community. And as always, it will stay FREE forever. We will take a different approach on this education journey. There are tens of thousands of courses around in the marketplace but they don't serve the purpose because there is too much noise around and people are lazy, they just watch a bunch of videos and do nothing. From my personal experience, audio books are way more effective than video courses because you have to be attentive at all times to capture all the details. Hence, this is how these programs will be designed and published. Each Program will have a full audiobook that will explain step by step the whole model, its setup, marketing, scaling, pros and cons etc that can help you succeed with that model. In addition, there will be a transcript that will be part of that audiobook to help you track every single step of the process. Each program will also have a library with collection of videos from different experts from that specific industry for you to go through so that you can get more insights from industry leading experts. Every single program will be personally vetted by me in the class room and each program will have its very own thread where you can ask any question that either me or in future our collaborators can answer and help you with. Please comment any specific industry or online business that you are aware of and want to me touch on.
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