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This group is led by vocal coach Bevlyn, who has > 20 years of international performing experiences + album releases + experiences TRANSFORMING thousands of students' singing from all over the globe (America, Australia, Singapore, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, China & Hong Kong & Taiwan, Nepal, Kazakstan, India, South Korea, etc).
YOU ARE VERY WELCOME to JOIN if you have a strong desire to sing well through vocal techniques fundamentally rooted in classical techniques that works for POP songs Top40s, Rock, R&B, Jazz, etc)...and STILL SOUND POP!
Bevlyn performs in English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and is open to coach singing of other languages too (eg. Cantonese / Hokkien). You can sing in your preferred language.
This course is designed to EMPOWER anyone to fully understand the FUNDAMENTAL concepts of singing (not just exercises).
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Free Singing Course - Classical Singing Techniques Based for Pop Singers and still SOUNDS POP!
+ Free Mini TextBook! Applicable for any language.
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