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👋 Join The Simple Shoot Academy and learn how to MASTER videos in 3 days with only the phone in your pocket (Step By Step). You'll learn how to produce, edit, and optimize videos that capture attention and convey your message clearly.
I'm dropping the framework, the mindset and ALL the secrets I personally have used to years to build over 100K Followers among all platforms, successfully CRUSH 100+ Local Service Clients in over 47 Niches world wide, AND do it all, with just my iPhone!
What's inside The Simple Shoot Academy:
💰 Simple Shoot Academy ($500 Value)
💰 Weekly Q&A Call w/ Carlos (Usually $200/Hr)
🎁 Bonus: Free SMMA Course (Normally Sells for $997)
🎁 Bonus: Subject Matter Expert Workshops (Normally $100 Per Workshop)
🎁 Bonus: Motivated Entrepreneurial Community (Priceless)
Total Value: Over $1,500/Mo. Now For Only $27/mo!
👉 Join The Simple Shoot Academy & Start Your Video Making Journey 👉
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Master Video Making for Social Media & Business in only 3 Days—No Exp. or Fancy Equipment Needed!
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