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Imagine a place where everyone knows each other; a little space on the internet where everyone gathers around a little fire, shares stories of life, the ups and downs, and supports each other in their journey of growth and self-discovery.
This is what this community wants to do; it wants to become a tribe of close-knit people with valuable education for those seeking salvation from our modern addictions.
This is our mission. This isn't for everyone.
Weekly calls, Q&As, group discussions, debates
📚 Courses:
How to Become a SheepBlaster (Destroy Depression, Improve Life)
SheepBlaster's Brain Guide (Kill Brain Fog)
{Under Construction}
What a SheepBlaster Eats (Full Diet & Nutrition Guide to Purge Processed Foods)
How a SheepBlaster Breathes (Full Meditation, Breathwork & Cold-Exposure Guide)
How a SheepBlaster Thinks (Mental Mastery, Master Addictions & Desires)
SheepBlaster's Guide to Detoxing (Protect Yourself from Modern Poisons)
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The Herd
For those seeking salvation from modernity, where the Sheepblasters sing
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