Shake School Lacrosse
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Teaching Athletes & Coaches the New Way of Lacrosse. The game has evolved. You need to as well.
Learn How to Win Your Matchups and Create Offense.
We teach fundamental concepts like space and time.
We give you drills to teach you NEW Moves so you're not just a 1 trick pony.
Once your offense can win matchups, we teach you how to use that to create offense and win games.
I teach middle school athletes, I took a no-name team to the championship (3x), I teach college athletes, and even WPLL and PLL Pros like Kylie Olhmiller, Ally Mastroianni, Emma Ward. Back in the day, Kyle Harrison would come to my house, Myles Jones, and all the OGs.
Why? Because what I teach is unique. And what I teach works.
See for yourself inside!
Improving Lacrosse Athlete's Game & Boosting Confidence, One Rep at a Time.
Teaching coaches how to create more offense and win more games!
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