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Welcome to Self-Publishing @ Skool!
We are excited that you're here! Visit the CLASSROOM to see all of the cources and resources that you have access to: If you don't already have a KDP account, you can get one here (free): Skool also has a mobile app: iPhone: Android: We want to help you write, publish, market, and launch your first, (or next) book.
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Introduce yourself!
Let us know that you're here and how we can help. 1. Where are you from? 2. Are you publishing your first book? Or have you already published? 3. Are you struggling with anything? Where do you need help? 4. What's your favorite thing about self-publishing? I'll go first: 1. I'm living near Boston, MA but have also lived in Canada and Texas. 2. I first published in 2011 and have published over a dozen books since then. 3. I struggle with prioritizing all of the ideas that I have for books! HELP! 4. My favorite things about self-publishing are all of the marketing opportunities that you get once you've published a book. I love being able to get my book into people's hands in low-cost creative ways (sometimes free). Your turn!
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Blocking Books : Latest issue on AMAZON.
Hello Everyone, I am a new publisher on Amazon, so my book blocked. I kind off figured out why but of late a lot of books been published on Amazon are being blocked, and I was wondering if anyone knew the reasons why it is so?
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Low-content upload limits (3-4 books per day)
I finally uploaded a notebook/journal series that I've been sitting on for several years. Discovered that there is a limit to how many low-content books you can upload per day. Unsure if it's three or four in a 24 hour period (I uploaded one last night and three more today before I hit the limit). While it's a little frustrating to be slowed down (I got 4 up, but I only have one more to add), I understand why Amazon has implemented this limitation. Too many people were just throwing up low-quality nonsense and hopping that something would stick. And Amazon doesn't want a catalog full of crap to offer to their customers. Anyone else run into this limitation on their KDP account? Reference here:
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How do i set-up my tiktok shop
I'm having issues setting up my TikTok shop. How can I set it up?
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