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Welcome to Self-Publishing @ Skool!
We are excited that you're here! Visit the CLASSROOM to see all of the cources and resources that you have access to: If you don't already have a KDP account, you can get one here (free): Skool also has a mobile app: iPhone: Android: We want to help you write, publish, market, and launch your first, (or next) book.
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Introduce yourself!
Let us know that you're here and how we can help. 1. Where are you from? 2. Are you publishing your first book? Or have you already published? 3. Are you struggling with anything? Where do you need help? 4. What's your favorite thing about self-publishing? I'll go first: 1. I'm living near Boston, MA but have also lived in Canada and Texas. 2. I first published in 2011 and have published over a dozen books since then. 3. I struggle with prioritizing all of the ideas that I have for books! HELP! 4. My favorite things about self-publishing are all of the marketing opportunities that you get once you've published a book. I love being able to get my book into people's hands in low-cost creative ways (sometimes free). Your turn!
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I've already published two Books but I don't know how to promote them right. Can anyone help me?
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yay published first "book"
couple days work. hopefully people like it
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Hiring a KDP Cover Designer on Fiverr
Have you ever felt confused or overwhelmed about how to find and hire a graphic designer to make a cover file for your KDP book? I just uploaded a video specifically about finding and hiring a designer on to make KDP cover files. It's part of the Getting Started with KDP course in the Classroom section here on Skool. Let me know what you think!
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