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✅ Full length courses/eBooks
✅ Weekly coaching calls (related to self-awareness, making money online, social skills, etc.)
✅ An exclusive community of ambitious, open-minded people
✅ In person meetups (coming soon)
📚 The Ultimate Self Mastery Course ($197 value )
📚 Critical Thinking (coming soon)
📚 Social Skills (coming soon)
📚 Making Money Online (coming soon)
📚 Dating in the Modern Age (coming soon)
📚 Full Stack Fitness (coming soon)
📕 The Middle Way: How To Strategically Use Laziness to Enhance Your Creative Power
Right now, the community is currently at a DISCOUNT.
For every 10 new members that join, I will be increasing the price by $10/month, until the community costs $99/month.
Discounted spots left at this price: 9
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