Day 18 - 30 Day Manifestation Challenge 🎉

Happy Monday Manifestation Family!

It's time to be really honest with yourself - have you been consistent with the Manifestation Challenge?

If you have then way to go!!!!

But if you have not, IT'S OK! We can get stuck in a loop of regret, where we wish we had been more consistent and beat ourselves up for it. Often this can be enough to stop any forward progress.

Be gentle with you.

It's ok to not be perfect.

Celebrate this awareness, know it's ok to not be perfect, and go watch the challenge video (link here)!

Even if you have to recommit a hundred times, you are still moving forward. Even taking small steps every day builds positive momentum.

Comment below "I accept all the goodness and abundance flowing to and through me!"



Master Manifestation ("Energetics") and then Teach Manifestation, all while living abundantly. A group by Scott Haug.

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