Day 12 - 30 Day Manifestation Challenge

Hey Manifestation Family!

As you all know, it is not enough to just watch this video for 30 days.

It definitely is helping bring you more understanding and awareness, but if we do not become the material in the video and apply it to our lives, we will not manifest our desired outcomes.

Today, I want you to reflect below in the comments, what things are you saying YES to on a daily basis that are out of alignment with what you want to manifest?

For example, one might be saying YES to worrying about money when they open their bills and start thinking negatively about them.

Or you might be saying YES to only looking to buy clearance items at the store because you are in a scarcity mindset.

Or you might being saying Yes to immediately going out and spending money as soon as you receive it on things that don't serve you in the long run, because it's a habit you've acquired.

There are simple things we say yes to that do not serve us.

In the comments, please share what you are saying Yes to that is not serving you. This will help bring you awareness and release this pattern.



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