Course unlocks at Level 1
Easy 5 Step Manifestation
This mini 1 hour course is designed to help you manifest desires into your life with total ease and speed. We'll provide you the 5 steps you need to master the Art of Manifesting.
Course unlocks at Level 2
LIVE Energetics Teachings
This course is a vast section of Scott's public and private Energetics Teachings. You can find some of these on his YouTube channel yes, but others that you can only find privately. More teachings to come.
Course unlocks at Level 3
Parallel Reality Manifesting
Master Manifestation with some amazing insights from Scott himself. Shift into an alternative Reality that has the key to all of your desires.
Course unlocks at Level 4
1-on-1 Coaching Session With Scott's Team
Congrats on reaching Level 4! You earned a 1-on-1 Coaching Session with Scott Haug's Team.
Course unlocks at Level 5
Deepest Teachings (Life Transformative!)
This course is held for some of the deepest teachings to help you completely transform your life.
Course unlocks at Level 7
5+ Hours of Opulence Teachings
Coming Soon!
Course unlocks at Level 9
SECRET Surprise! Value: $100,000
Surprise 'super' gift to you! It's a Secret.
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