Inner Circle of Excellence
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$47 /month
A community of side hustlers working a 9-5 who want to pursue their side hustle full-time
What's inside...
  • 🎙️ Open forum guest speakers to share their stories and ask questions about their journey ($197)
  • 🔮 Weekly coaching calls to help you gain clarity and get unstuck on your side hustle ($97 value)
  • 🎯 Daily accountability to achieve your goals ($97 value)
  • 🗣️ Feedback on your side hustle ideas and execution ($47 value)
  • ⚖️ Learn how to balance 9-5 job and side hustle ($47 value)
  • 📈 Learn the framework of what will help you scale your side hustle ($47 value)
A $532 value for only $47/month
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