Live Stream Sales Masterclass
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$10 /month
What's in it for you?
1 - Effectively organise your behind the scenes set up
2 - Help you plan your PRE and POST stream rituals
3 - Spend less time doing the things you hate - Spend more time doing the things you love
4 - As a community we will share the things that we try, that work, that don't so we grow 5x faster than if you were to go at it alone.
What do I know?
  • Relentlessly live streaming since 2019
  • Streamed on TikTok Shop / WhatNot / Youtube / Instagram / Facebook
  • Currently Streaming on WhatNot 3 times a day testing ideas frequently
  • Gone from Selling 30 packs of pokemon a week to now 30k individual sales a month
  • Sales skills that are transferrable to every niche
  • Passion for the opposite of gate keeping!
Looking forward to growing with you
When youre in go find the WELCOME post and comment with the following details:
1 - Name (or username you want folks to know you as)
2 - What stage you are with live streaming
3 - What you love to collect your self, really nerd out
4 - A photo of you
Privacy and terms
Live Stream Sales Masterclass
Want to be more effective and grow with the community? Want to have a competative advantage? We got you.
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