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Starting in sales at 20, facing rejection selling ad spaces for telephone books, I shifted focus, becoming the top rep. My journey led to managing large sales teams, achieving top results.
Now, I aim to help others. The materials, tools, training, and mindset I've used are available to those where I've been. My C-A-M-P-A-I-G-N framework offers tools and techniques for team dynamics and motivation, ensuring sales goals are met.
Drawing from my experience as a rep, manager, and director, my approach is practical. I "walk the talk," with consultancy based on real experience.
Come and join! This community is all about empowering you to achieve exceptional results by providing personalized insights, strategies, and support tailored to your unique journey in sales and leadership.
"Katarina excels in the sales craft, teaching strategies and implementing improvements like no other coach I've met." - Chr. Lanng
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Designed to boost your confidence in sales and leadership, helping you rock as a top-performing sales leader and achieve top sales performance.
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