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We are a community of Retreat Leaders, Coaches, Yoga and meditation Teachers, Healers, Plant Medicine Guides, Business Owners, Trainers, Fitness enthusiasts, and Professionals Involved in the retreat tourism business model.
Are you passionate about fitness, nutrition, business, finances, personal development, plant medicine, scuba diving, and wellness in general?
Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, our Skool Community is the perfect place to learn, share, and thrive.
What We Offer:
  1. Real-Life Experiences.
  2. Business Strategies.
  3. Networking Opportunities.
  4. Education and Resources.
  5. Inspiration and Innovation.
  6. Support and Community.
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Private group
# 1 Free community about the retreat business model for coaches, teachers, healers, trainers, & consultants in Health, Fitness, Wellness & Tourism
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