The Detox Academy
Private group
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This free group is for you if:
  • You want to eliminate fatigue & achieve limitless energy
  • You want to stop depending on medication for your symptoms
  • You want to eliminate anxiety & brain fog and experience true mental clarity
  • You want to break sugar & junk food addictions & achieve food freedom
  • You want to optimize your digestion & restore your gut health
  • You want build a foundation for long-term health & wellness
  • You are unsure of what & how to eat to heal your body naturally
  • You are confused how to start healing due to the conflicting information online
What You Get Inside:
  • Live Coaching, Q & A with Sati + Weekly Calls
  • Alkaline Meal Plans, Juice-Fast-Blueprints & The 3-Step Detox Protocol
  • Courses, E-Books & Masterclasses to help you heal your body on the deepest level
See you inside!
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Private group
This free community helps you overcome inflammation, gut problems & chronic illness ASAP with the 3-Step Detox Blueprint.
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