Relearning Relationships
Private group
154 members
$5 /month
A community for men interested in learning about dating, relationships and marriage.
In Relearning Relationships Christian’s teaches the following principles:
  • Biblical truth: faith, love & righteousness.
  • Traditional Gender Roles & Family Values.
  • Heal from childhood trauma & past wounds.
  • Develop your Standards & integrity.
  • Understand sexual purity & genuine desire.
  • Master Courtship, Relationship & Marriage.
  • Manhood mastery course
  • Discover your ideal wife
  • Relationship mastery (partial)
  • More coming...
Group Calls:
  • Monthly Calls
The purpose of Relearning Relationships goes beyond understanding women. It is about embodying what it means to be masculine, traditional, and honorable. By becoming a godly man you will naturally attract the right woman into your life and be an inspiration to other men.
$5/ month
Learn how to become a godly man and you will naturally attract the right woman into your life.
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