Willing & Relentless REI
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This is our base entry to our community, led by @tyleraustinoriginal the founder and CEO of REISift.io, floridacashrealestate.com, this community of amazing relentless investors and agents, and the largest trucking podcast in the world (different community).
In this community you will get access of course to the amazing individuals who embody being willing and relentless towards their goals, but also access to weekly community calls, trainings, seller conversations, and the ability to come in-person twice a year with our top tier community members to mastermind, network, and learn from speakers.
You will learn cutting edge strategies to gain the competitive advantage in your market unlike anywhere else in the industry.
You will later have the chance to upgrade to our high tier members for even more benefits and access.
Our community members make multiple six and seven figures executing strategies which cost as low as $500mo in marketing!. They then scale beyond that based on their goals.
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Willing & Relentless REI
We are a community of Willing and Relentless Real Estate Investors, focused on consistent and reliable deal flow in any market condition.
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