Why your VISIBILITY is More Important than your ABILITY...

The longer you are in the real estate business, the more "average" agents you will encounter.

I'm not referring to agents who are average in production.

I'm referring to agents who close 8-12 transactions annually (sometimes even more), but their skill set is "average."

▶ They are "average" in their ABILITY.

▶ But they are "above-average" in their VISIBILITY.

Average agents miss a few steps here and there. They forget to include a specific form with their client's initial offer. They do not understand all of the timelines and deadlines embedded in a contract. They do not fully understand the details of the escrow and closing process.

But despite their averageness...they produce 8-12+ transactions per year and regularly earn $75k-$150k in commissions annually.

They are not experts in the real estate business, but they do something else that over-compensates for their lack of intricate knowledge of real estate transactions.

▶ They are incredibly VISIBLE.

Everywhere you look, you see them.

They send email newsletters, market updates, attend neighborhood events, church groups, school programs, walk their dog, post updates on social media, hold open houses, send postcards to your mailbox, host Zoom calls to update their neighbors and clients, rent space on the shopping cart at the grocery store, leave small notes and gifts on your doorstep, call you regularly, host birthday parties, and more.

They are not secret agents!

Their ability to over-socialize offsets their lack of contract fluency, and their business grows as people reach out to them to be their agents.

🟢 Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying these agents are real estate flunkers. Not at all.

In fact, they have the basics down solid.

And in addition to their outgoing personalities, they are amazingly resourceful at getting answers to important questions.

They reach out to their broker, team leader, and peer agents for answers to their questions while they remain focused on becoming more visible.

It's important to understand that I'm not promoting visibility at the cost of ability because I believe it is possible for you to master both.

Mastering ABILITY will separate you from the pack of vanilla agents who are nothing more than clones of each other.

Mastering VISIBILITY will help you become a household name who is not only remembered but who also is the default choice for consumers who need the services of a real estate professional.

RARE Agents have mastered both ABILITY AND VISIBILITY.

Now, get out of the house and be more visible!


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