The 5 Core Tasks that Create Commissions...

The real estate business is simple.

But it's not easy.

It's simple from the standpoint of what you need to do to build a long-term, successful business.

It's not easy because we tend to veer off course when we do not see immediate results from our efforts and we abandon the plan.

I have done my fair share of veering over the years.

And every time I do, I come back to the 5 CORE TASKS.

If you want to achieve success, you must FOCUS your time on the 5 CORE TASKS that drive sales...and create commissions.

Those 5 core tasks are:

1️⃣ Lead Generation (identify people who are looking to buy or sell in the near future)

2️⃣ Lead Conversion (convince them to work with you)

3️⃣ Set Appointments (meet with people face to face)

4️⃣ Property Identification (sifting through the inventory to find the perfect home for your client)

5️⃣ Listing and Marketing (broad and compelling promotion combined with intelligent sales skills)

There are many tasks that fall outside of these 5 areas, but these 5 areas are your CORE TASKS that must rule your day.

✅ These 5 CORE TASKS are your highest and best use of time.

✅ These 5 CORE TASKS all lead to...COMMISSIONS!

Review your calendar and ask yourself how many hours of your working day are invested in these 5 areas? If you find that multiple days go by where you are not living and working in the zone of these 5 CORE TASKS, it's time to restart your business.

If your business is not where you want it to be, pay more attention to these 5 areas and how you can plan your day around them.


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