Stop trying to sell homes... Focus on delivering experiences...

There's a video on YouTube of Steve Jobs responding to a question about how important it is to design computers with ease of use in mind.

He verbalized his brilliance and the core mission of Apple Computer when he said,

❝ You must start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology. You can't start with the technology and then try to figure out how to sell it...what incredible benefits can we give to the customer? ❞

You can build a huge real estate business around that principle.

Simply stated, if you can figure out how to deliver a 5-star client experience...every time, without fail, repeatable on demand, you can build a massive following of clients who will be your proactive, vocal advocates and refer you to their friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances... all the way until the end of time.

In other words, start with the experience you want your clients to have, then design a business to deliver on that experience.

What (exactly) do you want your clients to experience or "feel" when they choose to work with you?

And what systems and processes do you need to put into motion that will help you deliver an unforgettable and incomparable experience?

What benefits can you provide your clients that your clients will not be able to ignore or forget and, more importantly... will not likely receive from any other agent?

✅ Complimentary home warranty programs.

✅ Guaranteed buyback offers.

✅ Complimentary mobile notary signings at your clients' convenience.

✅ Trade discounts that are greater than clients can obtain on their own.

✅ Delivering a full meal to your buyers on move-in day.

✅ Post-purchase closing benefits on homeowner services.

What fiduciary experiences can you offer your clients that no other agent can offer?

Therein lies your uniqueness...and what separates you from your competition.

And when you figure out what you can do that no other agent can do, you will be ready to stand toe-to-toe against your peers and clearly differentiate yourself from them in a way that is not only valuable to the client but is not available from your competitors.

👉 Remember this...

▶ It's not about the value you think you are delivering.

▶ It's not even about the value you actually are delivering.

✔️ It's about the value your client perceives they are receiving.

You must deliver on that perceived value. What unique, perceived value do you offer? What do you provide that your competitors can not offer?

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