[RARE Tips] What a Difference 1-Degree can make...

Let's talk about hot water.

Water that is 211 degrees.

Do you know what happens when you add one more degree to 211-degree water?

馃敟 IT BOILS 馃敟

211-degree water is hot. 212-degree water boils.

And boiling water produces steam.

馃殏 And steam can power a train.

That's the power of 1 degree.

One degree is the difference between having hot water... and having the energy required to power a locomotive.

This simple metaphor pushes me to give 110% to everything I do.

And it reminds me how minor details can make huge changes to our results.

Can you push yourself one more degree?

Can you find that one extra degree of effort that will change your business in the same dramatic way?

It's your business.

And you are responsible for your results.

So if it's going to be, it's up to you.

馃敟 And it's time to turn up the heat 馃敟

Beginning today, commit 110% of your effort in everything you do. No more trying. No more "let's see what happens" approaches. No more giving up when things get a little rough.

Instead, approach every single task with relentless energy.

Your commitment to 212-degree, steaming hot action will generate the necessary power to fuel your business to exponential results.

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