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[RARE Tips] Create a Category of ONE...

Some of the best business advice I ever heard came from marketing expert Dan Kennedy, who said:

“The last thing you want to be compared to is another Realtor. You want to create a service category where you are the only person in that category. Create a category of one.”

Here are a few examples:

▶ Your neighborhood authority in luxury homes and off-market estates.

▶ Specializing in fine golf communities for low-handicap players.

▶ Expert knowledge about age-qualified communities.

When you market yourself in a "category of one," you will stand out from your competition and not be viewed as "just another Realtor."

Don't copy what everyone else is doing.

Create a niche that can't be copied.

Create a category of one where you are the only one in it.

When you do this, you will stand out from the crowd of agents who all claim to be Top Producers with 5-star Zillow profiles.

Stop telling the same story every other agent tells.

Create your own story.

Create a category of one, market your unique advantages over your competition, and you will quickly rise to the top.

Create a unique category of one and own it.

Can you create a category of one? What will it be? Share in the comments below...


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