One Year from TODAY...

Much of the work you do in this business to generate leads and build referral-generating relationships will not pay you back for months...or even years.

And one year from today, you’ll wish you had worked harder today.

Next year, you'll wish you had:

➡️ Held more open house events to identify buyer leads. (Are you holding one this weekend?)

➡️ Added more names to your CRM Database. (How many names have you added this week?)

➡️ Launched more drip marketing nurture campaigns. (How many have you created?)

➡️ Called more people in your sphere of influence. (How many people did you call yesterday?)

➡️ Became more visible within your geographic farm. (What was your last farm marketing event?)

➡️ Invested more time in developing deep client relationships. (What was your last client event?)

➡️ Set aside more time to study the intricacies of the business. (What area of the business have you taken a deep dive to learn more about?)

Next year, you will wish you had worked harder this year.

Don't wait until next year to get busy...

Get busy today.


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